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Cormar Carpets – Sensation Heather

The Cormar Carpets Sensation Heather is a heavy weight luxury soft feel carpet from Cormar Carpets.

Sensation Heather: Extra Heavy Domestic Use
10 Heather Colours
100% Luxelle™ Stain Resistant PP
Construction: Tufted Cut Pile
4 & 5m Wide
Sensation Heather 1.7 TOG
Sensation Heather Pile Weight oz/yd2: 58oz
Sensation Heather Pile Weight gms/m2: 1966g
Sensation Heather Pile Height: 12.5mm
Sensation Heather Total Carpet Thickness: 15.5mm

Sensation Heather from Cormar Carpets is a high quality heavy weight, super luxury super thick amazingly soft feeling carpet. Available in a range of popular heathered colours.

This carpet is part of the Sensation range of carpets, Original, Feeling, Heather, Supreme & Twist, all of which are available from Carpetwise,

Sensation Heather is suitable for all areas, hall, stairs, landing, lounge, bedrooms, but it comes into it’s own in a bedroom or a lounge where you can really appreciate the soft luxurious feel.

The complete Cormar Carpets range is available to see at our carpet shop in Milton Keynes.

Remember we provide free estimates and most carpet orders are fitted free.

Example cost* for a bedroom in Sensation Heathers would be £395. That includes the carpet, a luxury underlay (Cloud9), gripper, door bars, all fitting and delivery.

*based on a 3m x 4m carpet

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