This is a small selection of the wool and wool blend carpets that we have on display in our Milton Keynes shop. Wool carpets have been around for hundreds of years and provide a high quality carpet that is naturally very tough and resistant to wear and crushing. This means that it stays looking great for years.

How does it do this? Well without getting too technical wool has two different cells, paracortex and the orthcortex, these are found on different sides of the wool fibre and grow at subtly different rates. This creates a curled almost spring like fibre structure, the effect is that it allows wool to literally bounce back and absorb shocks, returning to the natural shape. Just what you want in a pile fibre that is going to have to stand up to the rigours of day to day life, heavy furniture etc. Scotchgard was designed to mimic the effect of wool carpets natural stain and dirt resistance, which is the natural waxy outer coating, lanolin.

The way that wool dyes is also a major differentiating factor from man-made carpets. Wool takes on colours in a much more subtle way, and so the array of colours in wool carpets is far greater than that of man-made alternatives.

Wool carpet is also naturally fire resistant, perfect in front of open fires and wood burners, and is of course a natural sustainable fibre.

80/20 is the most popular wool carpet blend. It contains 80% wool and 20% man-made material, such as nylon (polyamide), acrylic, polypropylene & polyester. Cormar Carpets, Mayfield Carpets, Brockway, & Mr Tomkinson are all manufacturers who produce some excellent quality wool carpets in 80/20 blends.

50/50 wool blends provide a 50% wool content and a 50% man-made content. These offer great value for money. Cormar Carpets Forest Hills is an excellent example of this, a two weight wool blend carpet in some beautiful colours.

100% wool carpets. These tend to be made in loop or textured carpets, often in a fashionable stripe. Brockway, Mayfield and Cormar Carpets all have carpets made in pure wool.

The main differences or Pros and Cons of wool vs Man-made Synthetics (Polypropylene)

Wool is naturally better at resisting Pile Crush than synthetic carpets.
Wool takes on dye in a much more subtle way producing some excellent colours and superb heathered affects.
Wool is a very hard wearing fibre that will look great for years.
Wool is not considered bleach cleanable.
Wool Carpets are more susceptible to wet stains than man-made.
Polypropylene carpets can be cleaned with bleach.

The Campaign for Wool supported by HRH Prince Charles has additional information, this can be accessed Here, and also on the Cormar Carpets page Here.

Come in to our shop in Milton Keynes, Stony Stratford to view the full ranges and see the wool carpets in person, wool twists, wool loops, wool Berber and textured wool carpets.