Striped carpets from Carpetwise Milton Keynes. Striped carpet looks stunning in any room but really comes in to its own on stairs. Stair carpet is an important choice, it needs to be hardwearing, that almost goes without saying. However, your stair carpet is often visible from your front door, as people enter your home and so if given enough thought it can make a real statement, with the right carpet.

Whether you prefer a carpet runner with stair rods, or prefer to have the stairs fully fitted with carpet, we can discuss the options with you. Striped carpets are available at multiple price points, and are available in wool, wool blends and man-made materials. In a variety of colours or natural shades.

Some of the striped carpet ranges come with a matching or complimentary plain carpet, presenting you with the option of running stripes on the stairs but a plain in adjacent area, such as a hall or landing.

What we have online is just a small selection of the striped carpets we have available, so why not come in to our carpet shop to view the complete range or book a shop at home visit and we will come out to you.

It is worth noting that if you want to have striped carpet on stairs that wind or bend (winders or kite stairs treads) then it is not possible to line all the stripes up along the winding stairs. You can still have striped carpet and we can discuss the options with you, as well as show you where the stripes won’t be able to match. This is why the vast majority of pictures that you will see of striped carpets on winding stairs are taken from above and not below.