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Cormar Carpets Milton Keynes

We stock many of the Cormar Carpet ranges in our shop in Milton Keynes. Cormar Carpets offer an excellent combination of quality, value and choice.

Cormar Carpets. manufacture a comprehensive range of easy clean polypropylene carpet, wool twist carpet, textured loop carpet in plain and heather shades. The ranges are updated on a continuous basis to ensure that the colours and styles remain in tune with current home furnishing styles. In fact the research and attention that Cormar Carpets pay to colours is one of the reasons that makes them an outstanding manufacturer.

All carpets made by Cormar are manufactured on site at the two mills in Lancashire – Holme Mill and Brookhouse Mill. This enables Cormar to retain control of raw materials and quality throughout the production process. Cormar Carpets are suitable for most areas throughout the home such as bedroom carpet, lounge carpet, stair carpet or hall carpet. The carpet ranges are produced in various pile weights and a wear suitability rating is provided on all carpet samples.

Only the best quality yarns in 100% pure new wool, 80% wool blends and easy clean polypropylene are used and most ranges are available in both four and five metre widths for carpeting wider rooms without joins, the striped carpet tends to be the exception typically only being in four metre widths.

To ensure the best possible installation Cormar recommend using an established quality carpet shop to measure up and fit the carpet, Carpetwise are an approved reseller of Cormar Carpets and have be running a carpet shop in Milton Keynes for over 20 years.

A good quality new underlay will also maximise the carpets durability, talk to us about the various underlay options that can provide.

Come to view the Cormar Carpet ranges in our carpet shop in Milton Keynes, browse some of the range online or book in a Shop At Home Visit.

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