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For over two decades we have been a carpet retailer, working from our carpet shop in Milton Keynes, Stony Stratford. Providing carpet and flooring services to the local area. We have several thousand different carpet samples and ranges for you to look at.

Man made easy clean carpets, stain resistant, giving you the option of cleaning them with bleach, should you need to! These ranges provide some excellent value for money carpets. They also have the deepest, most luxurious feeling Saxony carpets. The perfect option for that luxury feel in a bedroom, or living room.

Wool carpets, in pure 100% wool, or blends such as 80/20, which is 80% wool and 20% man made. These are very hard wearing, resistant to pile crush, in a way only wool can be. They also provide a much wider palette of colours and variety of shades. This is the ultimate in sustainability when it comes to carpet fibre, excellent green credentials. If you have an open fire or log burner then wool carpet is a great option, put simply it does not want to burn, so resists sparks and spits very well.

As well as our fully stocked carpet shop we operate two ‘Shop From Home Vans’. Each of these vans has hundreds of samples on board and essentially takes our carpet shop to your home. It allows you the flexibility to choose your carpet to match your schedule, in your lighting and in the rooms where the carpet will go. Ultimately you need to get you carpet right, its a choice that you will have to live with for years to come.

We stock carpets from all the leading UK carpet manufacturers, including Furlongs, Regency Carefree, Cormar, Brockway, Mayfield, Cavalier, Associated Weavers, Abingdons, Penthouse.

As you are dealing with an independant carpet shop, you’re dealing with people that really do care. It’s our business, you will hopefully become our customers, you will be dealing with the owners who have a passion for customer service.

So don’t worry about the huge ranges, we know our carpet ranges and can quickly narrow down the options to a more manageable number for you. Allowing you to be able to make the perfect choice for your new carpet.

Don’t forget, we estimate for free and are happy to take samples round to your home so that you can see the carpet in your own surroundings and lighting.

To get an idea of a very small amount of the carpet that we stock see our

Carpet ranges click this link to see them.

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