Associated Weavers FusionBac explained

Associated Weavers, are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of broadloom carpet. Some of their ranges, Including Invictus (Orion, Sirius, Pegasus, Perseus & Scorpius) are manufactured with FusionBac. All these carpet ranges are available to view at Carpetwise Milton Keynes, with a shop on the High Street of Stony Stratford.

FusionBac. So what is it? And why would I want it?

What is it? (FusionBac)

FusionBac is a unique secondary carpet backing. It combines the two main assets of the most commonly-used carpet backings. Woven polypropylene (PP) backing and felt backing.

A sandwiched dual-layered structure is formed by fusing together a fleece layer and a woven polypropylene backing. This complements the unrivalled strength and dimensional stability of the polypropylene grid with an exceptional set of
value-adding properties:

Why would I want FusionBac?

Essentially it offers several advantages over standard carpet backing. These are listed below. However the primary ones are that the backing is kinder to walls, door frames and skirting. All carpets arrive in to the room larger than the room itself. Even taking the utmost care a rough carpet backing can scrape fresh paint, especially if it has not been allowed to properly harden, not dry to the touch, but harden. The carpet also needs to be bolstered in at the skirting. The FusionBac helps guard against this with it’s soft fleece layer over the hard backing. The other tangible benefit is in heat retention i.e. insulation and noise reduction.

The full comprehensive list is.

    When installing FusionBac, its soft surface and smooth
    edges virtually eliminate scuffing and scratching on subfloors,
    walls, door facings, skirting boards and other interior finishes.
    This makes it extra kind to you recently decorated rooms.
    The superior softness and flexibility of FusionBac guarantee
    easy installation. Its ability to bend and fold easily without
    wrinkling gives fewer seams in tight passageways and
    The unique combination of outperforming flexibility and high dimensional
    stability makes broadloom carpet with FusionBac
    extremely suitable for all installation techniques: stretch fit,
    full-surface gluing (Tackifier) and loose fit (up to 50 m²) on any
    solid flat surface. FusionBac is easily applied to floor surfaces
    using double-sided tape or hook-and-loop fasteners.
    The way both composing layers of FusionBac are fused together
    and then bonded to the primary backing of the carpet,
    gives superior adhesive strength and a clean cut.
    Compared to traditional woven polypropylene backings,
    FusionBac’s fleece layer structure offers superior heat and
    noise insulation.
    The dimensional stability and enhanced adhesive strength of
    FusionBac result in stronger and less visible seams.
    FusionBac does not emit any harmful substances and
    provides long-term resistance against moisture, mould
    and mildew. FusionBac has been approved by GUT:
    carpets tested for a better living environment.
  • Associated Weavers FusionBac Available on the Invictus Carpet Ranges as sold by Carpetwise, Milton Keynes.

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